Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kitchen Update: Peeling Off Layers

I've been starting to sloooowly prep the kitchen for its inevitable updates, which I told you about here last week.  The husband was actually gone most of last weekend on a snow mobiling trip, which gave me a lot of time to make messes and clean the most random things.  I would have gotten lots more done if I could have finished one task without getting distracted by a second one almost instantly!  I swear, my attention span is about as long as...oh look!  It's snowing!

But I digress ;)  Besides starting to prep the kitchen, I also finally packed away Christmas ornaments...not watering the table-top tree for ohhh about a month, meant that I could simply snap the branches and disassemble it that way, rather than trying to delicately untie all of the vintage ornaments from their perches.  Having two large dogs means that I have to secure those suckers to their branches lest they get knocked off by a wayward tail or a tongue that's trying to get at the latest goodies on the table.

In terms of kitchen prep, I pulled a number of old things out.  Although the kitchen is looking bigger, it's not necessarily looking any better--if that makes sense!  You'll see in the pictures below.

First I pulled out that random curved bottom shelf thingy on the end of the peninsula.  According to one of my girlfriends: "It's about time!!"  So apparently I should have done it years ago ;)  I also took down the bracket that used to support a middle shelf there.  All in all, it opens the kitchen up quite a bit, even if it does showcase a lovely patch of mismatched linoleum.

Second, I pulled down all of the knick-knack shelves on either side of the kitchen sink area, along with all of the textured wallpaper that was up around them.  I've always found it interesting to see what colors people have painted walls in the this case pulling the paper down revealed several bad 90's era layers of flowered wallpaper, painted contact paper, and then this lovely pukey shade of salmon-colored paint!

I worked on pulling down the laminate backsplash after work this week, and had to pull down more (!) wallpaper that was hiding behind it to reveal--once again--my special friend Mr. Pukey Salmon the paint.  Because the backsplash is usually done last-ish in a kitchen, I miiiight break down and at the very least slap some white primer over it so that it doesn't look so scary in the mean time.

The husband kindly pulled down the cornice molding thing over the sink for me since I admitted to him that I had almost fallen off the counter--twice!!--while pulling out drywall anchors over the window while he had been away and didn't want to tempt fate yet again (third time would be a charm, I'm sure!).

I also picked up some new hinges for the kitchen cabinets over the weekend to replace the nasty old ones.  I haven't actually replaced them yet, but I hope to start with that this weekend!  What's on your agenda for the weekend?

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  1. Oh, you got so much done. The window area looks so much better already with all that stuff around it gone! Love it!