Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kitchen Details: The Oven

About a month or two ago I scooped up this JennAir electric oven on Craigslist (read all about it here).  Its owners were upgrading to a natural gas model, so I managed to steal it away for only $400, which I consider to be pretty good since JennAir is a higher end stove model, annnd it's a slide-in oven (just like I wanted!).  Not to mention the people barely used it (either that, or they cleaned it religiously), because that baby is so clean inside I would have no problem eating off it.  Now, let's see how long it will stay that way!  

This particular oven uses a downdraft fan to exhaust cooking fumes from the house.  See that vent in the middle there?  It sucks air down and exhausts it that way.  There is a fan beneath the oven that vents out into the garage, which is just behind that holey-wall.

Since I've never had one of these types of ovens before, I'm not sure how effective the downdraft fan is compared to a normal oven and overhead fume hood combo.  I guess ask me again in a few months?  Going with assumption that it's got to be halfway decent, I decided that I wasn't going to install an overhead fume hood.  This will allow me to put in a larger cabinet over the oven area (yay for more storage space!). 

One thing that we had to do when installing the oven was to convert the hard-wire hookup of our old wall oven into a 220V outlet.  We ended up snaking the old oven's wiring back down the wall and popping it out at the bottom.  We (oh who am I kidding, the husband) installed the outlet right on the floor, rather than in the wall.  This was not exactly a pleasant task considering all of the blown-in insulation in the wall!

We also had to poke a hole in the wall so that the fan had somewhere to vent its fumes--in this case it's the garage, which is right behind that wall.  We bought a small piece of round ducting to span the thickness of the wall out into the garage and capped it off with a universal exhaust cap.    

So far, the oven has been working like a charm!  Next up on the agenda?  Patch up the two holes that are left in the wall from the old electrical work (they were both there when we pulled out our old wall oven).  And figure out where to get some extra upper and lower cabinets to fill in the gaps around the stove.  Hopefully we'll get those up this weekend! 

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  1. Awesome job! I still can't believe you found such and awesome oven on Craigslist. Lucky find!
    Have a great, productive weekend!