Monday, March 18, 2013

Kitchen Update: Smoothing Things Over

Hey all!  So this past weekend I went to town on sanding all of the kitchen cabinets—both inside and out.  Originally I had planned to finish the upper cabinets first, and then go back and do all of the lower cabinets to cut down on the amount of displaced dishes I had at any given time.  BUT, after round #1 of sanding this past week and seeing all of the mess that it created, I decided that I was better off doing everything in one shot.  The exception to this will be the pantry-like hutch, which holds most of our food.  Our living room and spare bedroom are already littered with pots and pans, and I didn’t feel like adding spice jars and cereal to the mix, so I’ll wait on the hutch until some of my other storage space is back in action.

At first glance, the cabinets look pretty rough, but if you could touch them, you would find out that they are actually as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  I had a lot of old hinge holes to fill as well as those pesky joints where the smaller wood pieces come together to form the cabinet faces. 

I sanded the inside of the cabinets for a few different reasons.  First, some of my cabinets are quite iffy on the inside, so those babies are getting painted both inside and out.  Painting them will help freshen things up and keep me from thinking “Ewww…I don’t even want to know what got spilled there.”  Also, since the inside of the cabinets are primarily unfinished wood, sanding was my way of cleaning them since I’m pretty sure that any cleaner would just soak right into the wood anyway. 

As I mentioned before, my little sander and I managed to make one heck of a mess.  I was decked out in ear-plugs, a face mask, and safety goggles, but I still had to stop every few minutes and clean dust off my glasses.  I put up a giant plastic painter’s drop cloth between the kitchen and the rest of the house to help keep everything contained, and I also brought the air cleaner from the bedroom and set it up in the kitchen to help filter things out. 

But now I'm ready to start priming things!  I'm excited because I've narrowed down my final color choices for the cabinets, which will happen after I'm all done priming:  

I'm in love with the yellow-grey color combo.  And since the walls in the adjoining dining area are already grey, I'm thinking that yellow would be a nice contrast.  White upper cabinets and yellow lowers cabinets?  I think so!  And don't you just love that calendar?  It's made by Smock Paper, which is a letterpress company based right here in Syracuse :)  Their stuff is unbelievably gorgeous and you can order online too (you can find the calendar here).

The specific color that I'm leaning towards is called "sunrays" by Benjamin Moore.  It goes really well with a lot of other colors too:

Those are dish towels from Target ;)  I know, I'm sooo predictable, but I've had my eye on them for over a month, and they went on sale, so I couldn't help myself!  They are part of their Threshold Floral collection (and they even have coordinating dishes...ahhh, be still my beating heart...).

So painting is what I'll be doing all week!  Not very exciting, but I'll be happy when I can finally put stuff back in my cabinets.


  1. I seriously can't wait to see the outcome. You are so brave for going with yellow and I LOVE IT! You go girl! Those dish towels are beautiful. They look like they should be framed ;)

    (Did you ever consider taping off your kitchen and using a sprayer? I saw this one pin where they did just that and it was quick and smooth)

    1. I actually did think about that! Thankfully our kitchen is not TOO big...I just need to suck it up and stop complaining haha. If I had more cabinets I would have definitely gone for it!

  2. Wow good job and patience doing everything right - when I did the cabinets in my last house I quickly wiped some sandpaper over them and got to priming... and of course the primer didn't hold very well...

    1. Thank you! It's been a huge pain, but I'd rather take longer than have to redo it in a few months...that's the only thing that's keeping me from cutting corners!