Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Upper Cabinet Action

Today I thought that I'd show you some progress that we made on the cabinets around the stove area!  If you recall (here), there used to be a wall oven with another tall narrow cabinet to the right of where the slide-in stove is right now.  It was hard for me to reach the top shelves above the oven and the narrow cabinet was so dirty and grungy that we only used it for recycling.  It was such a waste of space in an already tiny little kitchen.

Taking all of that stuff out left us with quite a bit of empty wall space.  Once we installed the slide-in oven, all I had to do was pick up an off-the-shelf 12" base cabinet from Lowes and install it to the right side of the oven (I'll be retrofitting the doors/drawer to look like the other doors in the kitchen later on). That took care of the base cabinets.  

The upper cabinets weren't so easy.  First, I discovered that our existing upper cabinets are 36" tall and that most kitchens have only 30" tall upper cabinets.  As a result, I couldn't just walk into Lowes and buy a 36" upper cabinet because those are "custom" units and you have to order a minimum of 5 of them at a time.  Gahhhh! As a result, I had to get a little creative with what I had.  This is what we ended up doing...

The upper cabinet to the left of the stove (originally 30" tall due to the old hood vent that was installed below it) was extended down about 6" to become the microwave cabinet.  I used trim pieces from the old cabinets we pulled out to extend the frame down and then lined the inside of the cabinet with a piece of plywood to keep the seams together and ensure that it would actually support a microwave.  Cause no one wants their microwave falling down randomly...why is it that those things always seem to happen in the middle of the night?

This freed up a lot of counter space although I'm still getting used to having the microwave up there!  I will eventually trim the old cabinet doors down to fit on just the top half of the cabinet above the microwave.

The cabinet above the stove was one that I bought at Lowes (a 30" tall cabinet).  Because the oven that I bought is a down-draft vented stove (see more on that here), I didn't really need to put in an overhead hood vent plus it saves me from having to buy an overhead vent (yay! more money for other stuff!).  Even though I could have made another 36" cabinet to go over the stove, I thought that might close off the space and make things seem cramped.  The 30" cabinet works perfectly there because you don't have to worry about the cabinet hovering over your pots and pans as you cook.  I added some plywood pieces at the top part of the cabinet to match the lines of the other cabinets already in the kitchen, and filled in the joints with wood putty until everything was smooth.  

The husband made me a 12" wide wall cabinet for the empty wall spot to the right of the stove since we didn't have the option of buying a 36" tall unit.  Again, he used leftover pieces from the cabinets that we had already pulled out of the kitchen.  I'll eventually make a door for it using one of the leftover door pieces that we have stored away right now.  But for right now, everything is out in the open.

As you can see, I also starting priming everything this past weekend!  I wish that I were one of those people who enjoyed painting...but it's just so time consuming and messy.  I actually had a perfect stranger ask me what I was working on today because he could see all of the leftover paint on my hands and arms...and in my hair!  Oops...

So that's what's going on here.  I hope to start painting with my final paint choices later this week!  


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  2. SOOOOO exciting! I cannot wait to see it all when it's complete!

  3. Yay you have come so far! Awesome job on the upper cabinets.
    Good luck with the rest of the painting ;)