Monday, April 1, 2013

Now We're Cookin' (again)

Hey all!  I'm slowwwly making progress on the cabinet painting.  Very slowly--almost painfully so.  I will be SO happy when I can finally stash things away again!  Rooting around cardboard boxes to find things is getting old...

Husband: "Where did you put the--?"
Me: "For the last time, it's in one of the 10 cardboard boxes of kitchen stuff sitting in the living room!!"
Husband: "If we had less stuff this wouldn't happen.  There would just be 1 box and it would be in there."

*rolls eyes*

I hit a small bump in the road last weekend when I was working on the upper kitchen cabinets.  In a lapse of clear judgement I leaned on the top of my like-new Jenn Air slide-in oven when--<<crack!>>--yup, you guessed it!  I cracked the top of that glass cooktop like it was a crispy crunchy potato chip (side note: mmm...potato chips!).  

Cue Sara falling to her knees in the middle of the kitchen cursing out the DIY Gods..."Whyyy did you let me do that?!"

I pulled out the pieces of glass and thankfully all of the cooktop elements were OK, which meant that only the glass piece itself would need to be replaced.  In a fit of panic I called a local appliance store...for my oven, they quoted me $400 for a new glass top, plus another $100-200 for installation.  Ahhhh...since I only paid $400 for the oven to begin with, I was sooo bummed out!

Then I started searching online.  I could have gotten a non-brand replacement part at Sears (online) for $265.  But then I found a legit Jenn Air replacement glass top at Repair Clinic for $330, so that's what I went with.  Even though it was an oversized part (the box it came in looked like it could fit a big screen TV!), shipping was only $9.  Delivery was also super fast--I ordered it on a Saturday afternoon, it shipped on a Monday, and was here by Wednesday.  Which was nice because we were having a LOT of microwaveable soup in the mean time...I wasn't about to tempt fate by using the oven part of the stove with the top glass all cracked, even though it probably would have been OK.

The husband and I tag-teamed the switch one night after work.  It only took about 1/2 an hour which was nice.   The elements for the cooktop were attached/suspended under the old cooktop so we had to swap those over and then remember where all of the screws went to hook everything back up.

There are diagrams online to show you where everything goes (thankfully), so I think that as long as you can follow a picture and use a screw driver, you could probably replace your cook top too (if you should ever be so unlucky as to crack yours).

Before I had to replace the top, the oven looked pretty darn new.  But now it looks so brand spankin' new that it was hard to get a good picture (so shiny and reflective!).  Of course, I'm not sure I would have have voluntarily paid $330 to get it like that to begin with, but I'm trying to look on the bright side ;)


  1. Oh no, I'm so sorry this happened! But I'm glad you found a part for it.
    I just recently looked into parts for my oven which were so horribly expensive that I decided I'll just buy a new one soon hopefully. I really want one like yours that doesn't have a back ;))))

    1. I also really love the look of the slide-in ovens that don't have the back. They are SO expensive though (which is why I found a used one instead)!

  2. well - that stinks but you are SO lucky you were able to get a replacement piece that is the perfect piece and that it wasn't TOO expensive (could have been worse). I have had things like that happen.

    1. I know, it was such a bummer, but yes, I'm so glad that I found a replacement part for it (rather than having to get rid of the oven!).

    2. I'm so happy to find this! We are in the process of buying a home and the realtor thought I was a wee bit nuts asking them to leave the 'broken' very nice jenn air range (just like yours, heck even the crack is in the same spot! lol)

      I just KNEW it had to be fixable!! Yay!! I figured worst case scenario we try and have to take it to the dump, but happy to see there is a VERY good chance we will be able to make her work again :D