Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Three Weeks

Hey all—long time no see!  I know, I’ve been MIA for approximately 3 weeks now.  It wasn’t ideal, and my blog was never far from my mind, but I had SO much going on that I just couldn’t manage to squeeze out any posts.  So, without further ado, here is what’s been going on in the past 3 weeks or so…

Week #1:
First up, my best friend got married!  I’ve been best friends with Casy since we were 12 yrs old.  It’s kind of crazy to think that now that we’re both 26 yrs old, I’ve known her for more than half of my life! 

Casy got married on my birthday--June 15th—which meant that I got to spend my birthday getting all dolled up, spending time with friends, eating catered food, and having a huge variety of desserts to choose from!  Ummm…Best. Birthday. Ever.  Let’s do it again next year?

I spent the days leading up to the wedding altering my $4 maid of honor dress that I thrifted back in January.  I found the dress by pure accident—I was totally ready to pony up some cash for a dress when I came across it at my local Thrifty Shopper.  I was Casy’s only attendant in the wedding, which meant that I could actually get away with thrifting my dress, and she was such an awesome bride to work with—as long as it was grey in color, she said that I could wear whatever I wanted!  It was a bit big in the boob and waist area when I bought it, so I tailored it by taking out the padded bra inserts and taking it in at the waist and shoulder straps. 

Week #2 and #3:
The husband and I went on vacation to Greece for 2 weeks!  We visited the Parthenon, beach-hopped on the island of Hydra, and climbed Mt Olympus, among other things.  

I’ll probably do some other blog posts on our adventures later on, but for right now, know that I am rocking a killer tan annnnd nursing a rolled ankle from my trek down Mt Olympus.  Oops…

I didn’t tell anyone about our planned vacation because…well, the house was going to be totally empty for 2 weeks!  Well, not totally empty—we had our hardwood floors refinished while we were away, so the contractor was there for a good week and a half.  We also had hardwood installed in the kitchen and finished to match the rest of the house, and everything looks soooo awesome. 

So, although we got to come home to some awesome flooring (really, the only thing to look forward to when coming back from a 2 week vacation in Greece), we now have to move everything back into the house.  Just in the spirit of keeping it real for ya, this is what I’m looking at right now: 

That’s right, you know that you’re jealous!  We’ve slept on our mattress in the living room for the past two nights because we haven’t gotten around to moving the bedframe back in, and the dogs seem to think that we got them a new and improved “doggie” bed and keep weaseling their way onto it.  

More stuff is coming soon!  It's good to be back, and I hope that you'll keep following along with me :) 


  1. Woowza, you guys look stunning...for realz!
    And your vacation, come on, couldn't be any better! The floor is amazing!

    1. Thanks Julia! Vacation was amazing...Greece is so beautiful!

  2. Wow, very nice. Great choice, I like it. The floor is amazing.