Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY Moroccan-Inspired Pom Pom Blanket

Two weekends ago I hit up the Madison Bouckville Antique show.  I was on the lookout for a couple of things...specifically some linens that I could use as throw blankets for the living room and maybe some colored Pyrex bowls if I could find a good deal.  It was a no-go on the bowls, but I was successful with the blankets...

I was so happy when I found this basic white cotton blanket.  I think that it's actually half of a bed coverlet, but that's OK because it's the perfect size!  I got it for $13, which I actually consider to be a deal because I have been looking everywhere for a white light-weight cotton blanket, but couldn't find anything under $35.  Who knew that they'd be so hard to find?!  

To make it more interesting and give it a more Moroccan vibe to it, I added these fun pom poms around the outside edges!  So pretty!  (google "Moroccan pom pom blanket" to see what I mean...love the poms!)

I ended up ordering a pom pom maker off Amazon, and it made the whole process so so so much easier.  (There are also lot of cardboard templates online that you use to make them).  I will say that the pom pom maker that I used was supposed to 1-5/8" in size, but these pom poms are definitely closer to 2".

The yarn I used was Lion Brand's Amazing Yarn in "Aurora".  Don't you just love those (ridiculously feminine) colors?!

Making the pom poms took awhile, but it just gave me a good excuse to sit down and watch a movie (or two) :)

I used an upholstery needle to attach the pom poms to the blanket because it's what I had on hand (basically any large-holed needle that will allow you to thread a piece of yarn is good).   I used three balls of yarn and made 30 pom poms total...I ended up using 27 of the pom poms because thats just how the spacing ended up working out.

Brooklyn aproves!  He actually took a vested interest in the pom poms: "Mom!  They're sooo fluffy!"

While I was at the antique fair, I also bought this lovely vintage Mexican wool blanket for $32.  The colors are divine and you can tell that it's been loved because it's actually quite soft (not scratchy!).  It's pretty big too, which means that it will be good to snuggle up with on a cold autumn night.

Funny story...when I got home from the antique fair, the husband met me at the car: "I want to know what you got so that you can't run into the house and hide stuff!"  Whaaaat?  Me hide purchases?  Noooo...never...

Actually, he knows me too well.  Once I bought a dresser and left it in the back of my car covered up until he was gone one weekend, and then I had a girlfriend help me carry it into the house ;) Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Now we're all set for chilly weather!  


  1. Love the pom-poms and even though they take a long time to make it looks like fun.

    1. They did take forever, but it was worth it :)

  2. That is such a fun idea! Blanket + pom poms = happiness.

    1. Thank you! I get happy every time I look at it!