Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Make a Cute Recycling Bin

Before I started ripping my kitchen apart, we actually had a whole little cupboard dedicated to the corralling of recycling items.  We usually stuffed as many as we could in there until they fell out, and then argued about who was going to take them out to the curb about once every few weeks.  Behold, first world problems!

Then the kitchen renovations got started and my recycling storage area was gone.  Ahhh the days of fooling people into thinking that we were neat people were over (oh, who I am kidding we weren't really fooling anyone!).  Our recycling was usually spilling all over the kitchen floor as I tried to cram it into whatever empty cardboard box I had laying around.  It was a huge mess!

Then I found this side table at--are you ready for it?!--Target.  It was sitting upside down, so it actually wasn't too hard to imagine it as some kind of storage bin.  And with it's $12 price tag, I was more than happy to bring it home with me :)

It sat unused for months, which is embarrassing, because this project took all of about 15 minutes to do.    I came back from vacation with a renewed ambition to get stuff DONE.  Yay for vacation!

I purchased some small casters at my local home improvement store and spray painted them white to match the side table.

Then bought some small bolts, nuts and washers.  They don't have to be any particular size, just make sure that they'll fit through the holes in the table and will be long enough to poke through but still have room to screw the nut onto the other end.  The washers are not shown--but you'll need them if your side table has holes like mine or else your screws and nuts will pop right through the holes (and then you'll feel dumb for not getting them in the first place...don't ask me how I know this haha).

I used the bolts/nuts/washers to attach the casters to the top end of the side table.  I only used two screws per wheel since the most action that this thing sees is going to the other side of the kitchen when I vacuum.  The wheels are immensely handy for moving it around in a pinch without sliding it across the floor.  It kiiiinda makes me want to put casters on the bottom of just about everything!

And there we go!  An adorable recycling bin that actually holds a lot and looks fantastic doing it.  Woo!

Disclaimer: Please ignore the air vent to the left of the trash can with no actual vent cover on it, as well as the missing baseboards.  They will probably sit like that for the next 6 months if we're being honest with each other haha


  1. Love it!
    Our recycling bin is yucky and stinky LOL

    1. Thanks Julia! If we'd had a legit old recycling bin, I'm sure that it would have been the same way. Cardboard boxes have a limited shelf life though haha

  2. Beautiful Recycling Bin and Very nice idea. I am super jealous!! That is a gorgeous find! Your home is so lovely!

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  3. Do you know what the trash can it called and is target still selling it?

  4. I would also like to know the name of the table (not trash can) and is target still selling it?

    1. No, Target isn't selling this particular table anymore. They do sell little side tables pretty often though, so you might be able to find one that you like.