Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Lengthen a Necklace in 5 Seconds Flat

I bought these super cute necklaces a while ago at an estate sale.  The thing was, they were too short and the clasps on them were pretty much shot.  Since they're made of an older brass, their patina is super hard to match to any chain that I could find in the store.  Even chain with a "brass finish" looked like shiny gold next to them!

Finally, it hit me--why not use some stretchy bead cord to lengthen them?  Not only will the clear cord blend in, but it will also allow me to pull the necklace on over my head.  Voila!

And because taking self portraits is pretty much always awkward (or maybe it's just me?)...taken with my iphone because my baby hands can't handle pointing and clicking my Canon one-handed.


  1. LOL, love the photo. And I remember that necklace! Looks so pretty too!