Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Easy Christmas Pinwheel Wreath

Hey all!  We're slowly chipping away on the kitchen counters, buuuuut in the mean time...I broke out the Christmas decorations this past weekend!  I say if it's snowing (and it is...right now actually), then Christmas decorations are OK.  Yes, it's OK to be jealous of our snow flurries ;)

My MIL gave us this handmade grapevine wreath over the weekend, so I added some accents to it and put it up on our front door.

It was super easy to do too!  Forgive the poor quality final pictures...I snapped these with my phone one morning as I was walking out the door.  Damn daylight savings prevents me from taking any pictures after work because it's already dark out!

First, I used some white pearly berries from the floral section of a craft store to accent the wreath.  I clipped clusters off and placed them individually using hot glue.  Then, I used some wrapping paper and cut some long skinny strips.  I folded each strip accordion-style, and then created these cute little pinwheels.  I used hot glue again to hold them together, and then attached them to the wreath.  FYI: wrapping paper is from Smock, and it's double-sided!

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  1. I finally have a computer again, so I can comment ;) Was a tough week without one.
    Love flurries. It's almost time for skiing in our area. Can't wait.
    The wreath is so cute. Love it