Friday, October 30, 2015

Rosie the Riveter and Madeline Halloween Costumes

Hey all!  Just checking back in.  I thought that I'd share Grace's Halloween costume this year, as well as some pictures from last year's costume.  She is has changed so much during that time!

Last year Grace was Rosie the Riveter.  It was something that I pulled together last minute, because I wasn't even sure that I wanted to dress her up--I mean, she was only 5 months old at the time.  In the end, I'm glad that I did, because it turned out so cute!

I ordered a navy blue coverall made by Izod off Amazon (I love my amazon prime!).  It came from the "boys" section (similar to this one here, but in navy blue).  The little Izod logo wasn't a big deal because I made a little "name tag" for the outfit out of paper and a marker that covered it up quite well.  I sewed her headband using an old red t-shirt that I had laying around and a tutorial I found on Pinterest.  Lastly, I got one of my husband's wrenches from the garage (thoroughly washed and cleaned might I add!) and used it as her accessory.

Adorable?  I think so!

This year was a challenge because last year's costume turned out so well, I wanted something just as cute and comfortable.  I found some Madeline pictures on Pinterest that were adorable, so it made the decision really easy!  I had a terrible time trying to find a plain blue dress, so I ordered a white one off Amazon (by City Threads here) and dyed it.  I ended up dyeing it twice because the first time it came out a light lavender purple.   Then I added a collar and red sash (using a combination of my sewing machine skills and a glue gun) and the dress was complete!

I also ordered her straw sunhat on Amazon (by JTC here).  Note that the hat is actually shipped from China, which I didn't know when I ordered it.  It said that it would take 2 months to deliver but was here in less than 2 weeks.  Phew!  The tacky little embellishments that came on the hat pulled off easily and I was able to replace them with black ribbon using my glue gun.

We borrowed a pair of mary jane shoes from our friend, and I hiked up her regular white socks to save us all the trouble of trying to put stockings on a toddler.  Look at how cute she is!

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